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improve your game
with sports specific
training & advice

dedicated to
your results

ACE has had the privilege to work with clients from a wide variety of sports, teams,
organisations, age groups and levels. On a daily basis you can expect to see athletes
from the ages of 8 through to sports men and women in the masters category
training in all of our facilities. Olympic, professional, semi-professional, amateur and
aspiring athletes use ACE Performance as their high performance specialists with
demonstrated expertise in attaining results through a collaborative and all
encompassing training model.

our process

All ACE Performance athletes receive a holistic and complete athlete development
package. As you will only train with you ACE Performance coach for between 2-4
hours per week, the development does not stop there!


Initial Assessment

The first step of your journey with ACE Performance includes a one-on-one assessment with a Performance Coach at a facility of your choosing. The assessment is comprised of the following:

 Online Athlete Profile – Store and access your training history forever!
Goal Setting
A Performance Coach is assigned to design and implement your program
Performance assessment:
– Running Gait analysis: A video analysis of your running technique (acceleration, deceleration & change of direction)
– Speed gate testing (20m sprint, pro-shuttle)
– Lower body/Upper body power tests
Movement analysis – Injury risk assessment, functional movement screen, flexibility, athlete fundamental development portfolio
A thorough analysis and explanation on your performance testing results
Education on our process in tailoring a program specific to your goals

Once you have completed the initial assessment, you Performance Coach will be able to facilitate all training and development during your time with ACE Performance.


All athletes have different motivators, goals and targets during their time with us. We will provide an in-depth periodisation to ensure that you are continually working towards your short term and long term goals.

Do you need to peak for a competition?

Do you want to ensure you can compete on a testing day?

Long term development strategies are also put in place with your coach to ensure our youth are developing correctly, not cutting corners and training at an appropriate level that creates enjoyment and also success.




Training Program


Your training program is individually designed for your needs and is created once your Performance Coach has considered a number of factors including:
Goals – short term and long term
Level of development
Training history / Injury history
Assessment results
Enjoyment and success

Your training program will work through a range of performance training sessions

Injury prevention 

Dynamic warm-up 

Mobility and Activation

Speed and agility development

Strength and power development 

Steering - Balance, Proprioception, control, stability and coordination.


Training programs with ACE Performance contain sections designed to develop all aspects of athleticism not only for your sport but also for your overall wellbeing.

for athletes,

by athletes

At ACE Performance we have a fascination with youth development, especiallythrough the teenage years, which are the most important for establishing a long andsuccessful career in sport. Our coaches are experts in youth and elite performancetraining programs. With an individualised approach to training athletes, we canensure all athletes receive knowledgeable and appropriate training methods toattain our clients sporting dreams and performance goals.

Pick your sport

We specialise in tailoring our programs to your specific sporting performance goals.Whether it be AFL, Basketball, Boxing or almost any other sport you can think of, wewill help you achieve your goals!

get your free 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced coaches today

Intense Training

I went in for a testing session and learned a lot about my sprinting technique. The feedback was awesome and I started on an online program but then I did one session with them and decided to do in-house training as it was so good.

I am not even an elite athlete, I just wanted to do some training for my sport that was going to be more than my own gym sessions, and they are all sport science guys so it's better than my previous PT. small group training and you train with some amazing athletes.


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