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A practical course to develop your coaches eye

Unlock Your Athletes' 
Full Potential with Our Speed and Agility Course!

Discover the science behind explosive speed and agility in our comprehensive one-day course. Elevate your coaching expertise and athlete performance with proven techniques and hands-on experience.

Course date: Saturday the 7th of October 

Location: North Melbourne ACE - 744 Queensberry street, North Melbourne

Time: 8am - 4.30pm

Cost: $299

Course Highlights

1. Acceleration, Change of Direction, and Agility Essentials:
Explore the principles that drive performance enhancement. Understand the "why" behind acceleration, direction changes, and agility, setting the foundation for effective coaching.

2. Video Analysis and Technical Mastery:
Capture your coaches' sprints from multiple angles. Delve into real-time analysis, dissecting every element from projection angle to arm drive. Videos serve as a reference throughout the day.

3. Mastery of Fundamentals:
Deep-dive into acceleration fundamentals. From projection angles to arm drive, discover the nuances of efficient sprinting. Engage in practical drills, honing skills to improve gait and performance.

4. Advanced Movement Integration:
Unleash the power of constraint drills. Expertly integrate equipment to enhance hip control, ground contact, and arm angulation. Grasp the "how" behind sleds, dowels, and more, refining athlete potential.

5. Change of Direction Excellence:
Differentiate agility and change of direction. Explore the intricacies of center of mass, deceleration, and movement mechanics. Develop progressions, from structured drills to decision-making scenarios.

6. Tailored Program Development:
Apply newfound insights to athletes' unique needs. Utilise video analysis and expert knowledge to design targeted programs. Witness improvements from pre-course to post-course evaluation.


What you'll gain from taking this course:

Elite Coaching Competence: Craft programs based on individual goals, needs, and deficiencies.

Real-time Analysis: Spot and rectify movement issues on the spot, using video analysis.

Precision Programming: Formulate effective drills for positive athlete transformations

Confidence in Coaching: Master cues, coaching methods, and tailored programming.

Comprehensive Learning: Acquire in-depth knowledge of KPIs, sprinting, and CoD principles.

Elevate your coaching game. Uncover the secrets of speed, agility, and optimal performance. Join our transformative Speed and Agility Course now!

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