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Youth Basketball Team

youth Performance program

Youth high performance program

At ACE Performance our Youth Performance program has been developed to get the most out of all children that come into the program, whilst being appropriate for them. This is why the youth program is set up into a tier level system. Each level is designed to cater to the different ages, training experiences, skill level and movement competencies that we come across.

This way a 15 year old who has had some training experience is doing a different program to a 12 year old who is coming to us with no structured training experience at all. 

This blog is here to outline more in depth the tiered levels that your child will be aiming to progress through during their time at ACE. Progress through these levels takes time. Adolescent development is something that takes place over a number of years, so we take the same approach. We want our youth athletes to spend a good deal of time in each level so that they can master both the exercises & programs they are completing, but also to master their own body as it grows. 

We have six different levels, here is a bit of detail on each one.


Long Term Athlete Development Strategy


For the majority of new youth athletes that come into our program.​

Designed to cater to kids that have little to no experience in a gym environment.

The emphasis of this level is to learn the basics. From the first building blocks of a good running technique, to the fundamental gym exercises that will build their strength. The majority of exercises/drills done in this level are done just using their bodyweight. We want them to be able to start to control their body in a variety of different ways.


By the end of their time in this level, we aim to have taught our youth athletes how to more efficiently squat, balance, brace, as well as start to build a solid running technique and have learnt to land effectively on two feet.

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