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Why Teenagers NEED to Invest in their Strength and Conditioning

I sometimes (regularly…) imagine ‘what could’ve been’ if my parents invested in Strength and Conditioning for me when I was going through high school. Unfortunately for me, performance training wasn’t anywhere near as big or as well-known as it is now. The education, experience and expertise of coaches in the private sector these days, matches, if not beats the levels in the professional sector.

By investing in your teenager’s strength and conditioning, you’re not just going to get any old personal trainer anymore. You’ll be able to get your child coached by a professional performance coach who has the runs on the board to be able to get the absolute most out of your child and develop them in the best possible human and athlete they can be. Why should you invest your $$$? The evidence is evident! Countless amounts of research have been done on youth and performance training. Studies show that a structured and well periodised performance program can improve various performance components. These include:

  • Improved movement patterns

  • Improved speed, running and change of direction technique

  • Increased strength – levels and technique

  • Reduce the risk of injuries

  • Improve body composition

  • Build stronger bones and bodies – ready to be able to handle to rigours of sport throughout the teenage years.

Let’s discuss a key phase in the above section. A well periodised performance program.

This here is vital step in youth strength and conditioning.

If you invest in your child with a gym membership, but no clear guidance or just a ‘mass produced general strength program’, you may as well grab those bills out of your wallet and light them on fire.

Having a professional Strength and Conditioning coach assess your teenager, then develop a program based on their stage of development, chronological age, gender, sport and goals, is the only way to go when introducing strength and conditioning to our youth. An individualised program for the individual. A well established and highly regarded performance facility will have these processes in place, and if they don’t, do not settle for anything less!

Lastly, by investing into the development of your teenager, us performance coaches are not only giving them the best opportunity to be the best athlete they can be, but we’re assisting in the develop of these young adults into positive, self-confident, leaders who will excel in all facets of life, not just sport!

If you are looking for more direction or want some of the best professional strength and conditioning coaches around contact us at ACE Performance.

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