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Why teenagers need to invest in Performance Training?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I tell myself all the time I’d be a professional athlete if I had a professional performance coach looking after me when I was in my teens. I guess we’ll never know what could’ve been…

If you’re a teenager with aspirations of making it to the pros, you need to start thinking seriously about what will separate you from the others. And if you’re a parent of said teenager, then keep reading to find out why investing in performance training is a must!

Starting a performance program early can lead to several positive improvements in kids.

Benefits include:

· Improved movement patterns

· Improved speed, running and change of direction technique

· Increased strength levels and improved technique

· Reduce the risk of injuries

· Improve body composition

· Build stronger bones and bodies – ready to be able to handle the rigours of sport throughout the teenage years.

Performance coaching will not only give young athletes the best opportunity to be the greatest athlete they can be, but will assist in the development of these young adults into positive, self-confident, leaders who will excel in all facets of life, not just sport!

Thanks to Jamie for being our youth athlete model!

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