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School Performance Program

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Coming towards the end of the footy season it has been a bog year for the SEDA AFL HPP Program. Finally being able to get an uninterrupted year of training has been a huge benefit to the group. All the students have been able to get comfortable within the gym environment and start to make some really solid progress with the performance. The AFL group has been doing 2 sessions a week throughout the year. Session # 1–Monday mornings act as a recovery session for the group, getting them moving to shake off the soreness and fatigue from the game on the weekend. And we still get a chance to lift some weight and try to improve strength early in the week Session #2Thursday is the main session. With most of the students likely having team training sessions that evening we do not want to blow them out but we do still want to hit key areas. Speed, change of direction, power stability and strength are all targeted in a way that is going to gives the group some sort of benefits but not fatigue them too much leading into training. Back stretch of the year to go, plenty of time to still get better.

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