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Manipulating Conditioning Variables

With so many semi-pro and amateur teams returning to training this month from the festive break, conditioning for the upcoming season will begin to build again.

Gone are the days that a continuous run or two throughout or at the end of training will best prepare athletes for the rigours of competition.

High Intensity Interval Training is where it’s at! And with a well periodised and planned approach to conditioning, you and your team can be 5 steps ahead of the competition come round 1.

Interval Training should be tailored to the phase of your sporting season, and the demands of the sport itself.

When manipulating each interval conditioning session, don’t just look to increase the distance on work periods, or decrease the rest in between sets. We need to look at the broader picture and see how we can further manipulate the variables to suit your goals and your sporting demands.

Seen above are 12 different variables that @HIITScience outline that are not just adding a rep or dropping the rest period.

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