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Did you miss more games than you hoped last season? Check out this post for 4 performance components you need to include in your pre-season program this summer! (Well, summer already ended but it's not yet late!)

We all know Aussie Rules involves running, jumping, tackling and kicking. The physiological demands these movements place on our bodies is huge. Athletes need to prepare their bodies to withstand a long pre-season and intense competition period.

Athletes should be including the below performance qualities into their programs on a weekly basis at a minimum:

  1. Sprinting

  2. Change of Direction

  3. Absorb and Produce Force (jump and land)

  4. Upper body and Lower body strength

Obviously, not much we can do in the gym replicates game-like sprinting and scenarios, although we can complement some of the above qualities in a gym based setting to help prevent injuries out on the field.

Exercises that target: Hamstring resilience, the Frontal plane and Plyometrics, can really supplement the first 3 qualities listed above, and add that additional string to your performance bow, whilst keeping you fit and firing when you pass that white line.

Exercises seen above include:

  1. Hamstring Slides

  2. DB Side Lunge

  3. Plyometrics

  4. Sprinting itself

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