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I’m training but why aren’t I getting more powerful?

‘Look how powerful they are!’. We’ve all said that before and these moments often leave us in awe wondering how they just jumped that high or burst past their opponent so quick. It is one the staples of athletic ability and can often be the difference between one competitor and another. So even though you think you are training to be more powerful, are you really?

Power in a nutshell is the ability to produce strength at speed. None of this happens with out intent, and without intent the exercise you are completing loses its value as a power exercise. This is just one underlying factor to take note of during your sessions, so here are a few more for you:

1. Exercises to improve power should be completed at the beginning of your session straight after the warm up

This is to ensure there is as minimal fatigue in the body as possible so that you are able to produce as much force as possible in the repetitions. We want your body feeling as fresh as possible, so you can get the most out of your power exercises!

2. Make sure you are getting enough rest

In between your sets, the less rest you take the less quality you will be able to repeat the exercise with which will shift the focus of the exercise away from power. As a general rule of thumb aim to take between 2-3 minutes from the end of one set to the start of the next. A good way to fill in this time could be to pair a lower body power exercises with an upper body power exercise.

3. Do not complete too many repetitions

To ensure all of our repetitions are explosive and are completed with the same amount of intent, try to complete between 4-8 repetitions.

Next time you train, try and tick ✅ these 3 boxes. Do so consistently and you will soon enough see an increase in your power.

If you want to learn more about how to become the most powerful version of yourself contact our ACE Performance coaches.

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