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Compare the Pair!

When Conner first started at ACE Performance, he was young, enthusiastic, and new to performance training. Two of those things are still relevant! Conner is still young…he’s still enthusiastic. But now, he has had 2+ years of performance training under his belt to hone his movement.

The contrast in videos above show not just a ‘before’ and ‘after’, but they show a consistent, hard-working, and dedicated young adult who has seen (and is still seeing) the results of his training.

Conner has taken 0.3sec off his 20m Sprint, and has enormously improved his sprint technique to help him stay as injury free as possible throughout the season. He’s done all of this whilst concurrently putting on 10+kg of muscle mass since he first started with us at ACE.

Big things to come next season for Conner. We can’t wait to see further results from him…on and off the field!

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