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Athlete Spotlight- Matt Mayes

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Coming off a big season with Scotch College and Old Scotch Football Club, Matt Mayes has come into ACE Mount Waverley with the goal of putting himself in the best position possible for his last season of APS football. 🏈

He has been a diligent trainer, consistently coming in three sessions per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

During the recent monitoring week, Matt had some amazing improvements in the tests below.

✅20m: 3.33s – 3.22s

✅Pro shuttle: 5.2s – 4.92s

✅VJ: 69cm – 78cm

✅OH throw: 6.7m – 7.1m

✅RSI: 2.22 – 3.13

We look forward to seeing what he can continue to achieve over the preseason period and into next year!😁

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