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Athlete Appreciation Post – Dean Nguyen

Almost 1 year ago, Dean walked through the doors at North Melbourne with the goal to take his physical performance to an elite level for the upcoming 2022 VAFA footy season.

Yesterday, Dean walked out those doors for the last time this season a more complete, well rounded, technically proficient, and faster/stronger/more powerful athlete, AND an even better human being.

See the video for a snippet of Dean’s last performance session.

Dean also completed our Apprentice Coach Program during his time at ACE. He was a clear standout from the start, and we loved how he pushed his fellow students in his intake to step out of their comfort zone.

Dean, you’ll be missed by all the athletes and coaches here at ACE. The energy you brought to each and every session was unmatched.

Have a great break away from the monotony of footy and training, and we’ll see you in a few months ready to bang for next season!

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