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Team Practice


team performance 



ACE Performance has had the pleasure of developing athletes at Olympic, national, state and regional level. From professional through to amateur level teams, our team performance programs are designed to fit your coaching method and improve the whole squad across the board.


One of our ACE Performance coaches will consult with your team on all things high performance. Injury rates, training session flow, conditioning levels, recovery rates and athlete performance will be assessed and a thorough report with suggested interventions will be provided.


A well-structured periodised training program is essential to results in team programs. Off-season, pre-season and in-season training is remarkably different and can be confusing for athletes.

At ACE Performance, our coaches will develop a periodised training plan for the duration of your season which will include:

 Training load
Testing dates
Speed / Agility
Strength / Power
Injury prevention

Building the foundations during the off-season is very important to ensure your players can tolerate training load during the heavier load weeks of the pre-season and during the first weeks of competition.

Take your teams performance to a new level with Ace!

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