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The Heavy Sled Acceleration

Compare the Pair!

The Heavy Sled Accel is a fantastic and effective way to improve an athlete’s speed and power over the first few steps of acceleration. By loading a sled attached by a harness, it allows the athlete to achieve a more aggressive angle of attack over the first 5m of the drill, whilst also forcing the athlete to apply more force into the ground horizontally to gain forward propulsion.

See the video of examples of Zoe, who is doing a Heavy Sled Accel for the first time, and Chris, who is a seasoned veteran at the exercise.

Chris achieves great projection and drive over his first few steps, whereas Zoe’s hips pop up much too early and she doesn’t gain anywhere near as much forward projection as Chris does. For athletes first time doing this drill, this outcome is common.

When loading the Heavy Sled Accel, coaches can load anywhere from 20-50% of an athlete’s bodyweight. As the athlete achieves a higher proficiency with the exercise, the weight can be increased steadily towards the 50% BW mark.

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