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Recovery for kids!

Not too many kids know or even think about recovery between games and training, so it is up to parents and coaches to educate them on what they can be doing to help them be ready for their next training session.

We should all know that 8 hours sleep and a good meal and key to recovery but here are some strategies to add to that for little to no cost

1. Active Recovery – Can be as easy as a light walk or bike ride. The goal being to get the body moving, get the blood pumping so that the sore muscles can get the nutrients they need to recover

2. Foam Rolling – Think of it as self-massage. Getting deep into those tight muscles to help loosen them up. It also acts like the active recovery in getting more blood pumping to the target area

3. Stretching – Sometimes gets a bad wrap but if it makes you feel good then that is the main thing. Try to hold stretches for at least 20-30s per muscles group

If you need any more help or ideas for recovery feel free to reach out!

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