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Pair your MB power exercises with your sport

Coaches and Athletes can sometimes get caught out in the gym by thinking too ‘sport specific’. Attempting to copy the exact sporting movements of a chosen sport in a gym setting can be messy and useless.

BUT, attempting to mimic the DEMANDS of the sport movements with exercises in the gym is what your performance coach should be doing.

Enter our Combat athletes at ACE Performance. We love using Medicine Balls with athletes that compete in combat sports as part of their power programs. By using MBs, we can somewhat mimic the movement patterns seen in most combat sports.

In the examples above, we have a Karim (Boxer), a Ricky (Mixed Martial Artist), and Joyce (Muay Thai) all demonstrating exactly what we’re after with their exercises. Power is generated from the legs and hips, with the arms just the final product in each example.

With all our combat athletes, we focus on thrusting through with the hips aggressively and powerfully, and cueing them to split the ball in half or hit the roof!

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