The AthElite performance program was designed to develop athletes and non athletes to achieve their sports and fitness goals. We strongly believe that ‘High performance is for Everyone’. If you want to become more athletic, stronger, faster, fitter, while keeping injury free and mobile, then this is the program for you.

Members in the AthElite program will be coached by a team of industry leading trainers, who are qualified and with real experience coaching athletes from your everyday sportsmen or women to professional and olympic level athletes.

The program was launched at our premier facility, ACE Richmond – located at AAMI Park stadium (home of the Melbourne Demons, Melbourne Storm and Melbourne Victory). This is one of the largest performance centres in the country, boasting state of the art equipment and services. Unlimited performance training, injury rehabilitation, recovery and a gym membership for less than the cost of a single personal training session per week. All on offer and backed with a ‘no result – no pay’ guarantee*!


Unlimited training*
Periodic athlete testing to measure and record improvements (every 3 months)
Access to Regeneration days – Recovery
Initial functional movement and performance testing assessment
Access to the Athlete Lounge
Program will cover; Injury prevention, mobility/activation/Dynamic Warm-up, Technical Speed and Agility, Conditioning, Strength, Power and Recovery.
1 Hour 15 minute sessions
Access to educational resources – Nutrition, trigger point therapy, sleep, hydration and more to help give you the edge on game day.

What is AthElite? What do we do?

We run group training sessions for anyone who is serious about improving their performance.

Our sessions are methodical, measured & meticulous. With degree qualified strength & conditioning coaches guiding you every step of the way. We incorporate sound functional movement patterns to have you performing and feeling your best, not leaving you feeling beaten, battered and bruised.

Whether you play sport recreationally, are an athlete or have goals to improve your general health and fitness, we will work with you to help you achieve them.

 Strength & Power
 Speed & Agility
 Form & Function
 Injury Prevention

We aim to improve all these physical qualities that everyone possesses but might not have unlocked yet.

The AthElite model compromises of two unique session types alternating throughout the week, ‘Strong’ & ‘Blitz’. These sessions are structured to attack each of the qualities listed above.

Our ‘Strong’ sessions involve three different physical fitness domains those being what we term your ‘steering’ system along with power and strength development. The steering portion of the sessions focuses on improving your mobility & stability, balance & proprioception as well your functional movement patterns making you more resilient to injury. Moving into the power component of the session we focus on moving with intent, the load is low and velocity is high. Finally the ‘Strong’ sessions finish with strength work utilising the NSCA training load chart to have you working at numbers and percentages applicable to you and your ability.

Our ‘Blitz’ sessions have a different focus entirely to the ‘Strong’ sessions. Improving your cardiovascular endurance and stamina is the major emphasis of these sessions through both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. We don’t use long steady state exercise to work your aerobic system we use a variety of different equipment to expose you to the number of different thresholds your body is capable of performing at. From low to high intensity exercise from short to longer intervals we do it all. With that said our ‘Blitz’ sessions include work that will look to improve your running technique to having you moving more efficiently and improve your speed, we have a number of different drills that are tried and tested to improve these qualities.

*conditions apply, selected class times, limited numbers, results based on attendance.