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the performance coach community

The primary goal of the performance coach community is to provide a platform for coaches to explore and develop their coaching practices through unbiased, substantiated and scientifically backed information that can not only be found, but also qualified by professionals from within the industry and community.

The PCC is a platform for coaches who are yet to get started in their career and for coaches who have been developing athletes for many years. We see no ego's within the community as we acknowledge everyone is on a different trajectory within their career.

The PCC will bring to its community the following:

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Career opportunities

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Networking events

  • F2F and Online education

  • PCC merchandise



The PCC workshops blend a unique offering of classroom lectures with hands-on coaching in immersive half and full day workshops throughout Australia. 

Be provided with the theory in an easy to digest lecture before applying that knowledge through problem solving in practical sessions with some of Australia's top athletes.



  • Learn the theory behind key performance pillars that underpin all coaching philosophies

  • Develop your personal coaching repertoire through integrated training

  • Assess, adapt and implement coaching strategies

  • Explore different coaching methods and retain what is important to you

  • Increase your networking skills and introduce new contacts in to your professional circle

  • Participate in lively discussions

Which workshop is for me?


Performance pillars - Half or full day

(Speed, Strength, Power, Injury Prevention, Conditioning, Youth athletes)


Apprentice Coach Program - 12 week immersive

(A 12 week coaching immersive alongside your mentor coach)


Accredited Coach Level 1 - 2 x Weekends

(A condensed version of the ACP course designed for coaches looking to take immediate steps to develop their.....


Accredited Coach Level 2 - 5 day course

(A course specifically designed for ACE Performance licence and franchise applicants)

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