ACE Performance has had the pleasure of developing athletes at Olympic, national, state and regional level. From professional through to amateur level teams, our team performance programs are designed to fit your coaching method and improve the whole squad across the board.


One of our ACE Performance coaches will consult to your team on all things high performance. Injury rates, training session flow, conditioning levels, recovery rates and athlete performance will be assessed and a thorough report with suggested interventions will be provided.


A well-structured periodised training program is essential to results in team programs. Off-season, pre-season and in-season training is remarkably different and can be confusing for athletes.

At ACE Performance, our coaches will develop a periodised training plan for the duration of your season which will include:

Training load
Testing dates
Speed / Agility
Strength / Power
Injury prevention

Building the foundations during the off-season is very important to ensure your players can tolerate training load during the heavier load weeks of the pre-season and during the first weeks of competition.


All team performance programs start with qualitative and quantitative testing sessions.

Qualitative testing ensures we create a better idea of the squads strength and weaknesses, both as a whole and for the individual athlete:

Movement screens
Deep core analysis
Range of Motion

Quantitative testing creates ownership and competition within the squad and encourages all players to strive for their best:

Speed testing (high level speed gates)
Change of direction (pro-shuttle, AFL agility)
Lower body power (vertical or horizontal jump)
Upper body power (Med Ball throw)
Conditioning (2km, Yo-Yo, beep tests)
Strength testing (Squat, Deadlift, Pull-Up, Bench Press)

All testing batteries are created based upon the requirements of the sport and results the coaching staff of the team wish to receive.

Subsequent testing sessions are then used to determine improvement and future progression within the training program.


At ACE Performance, our ability to seamlessly work in with your team during pre-season training and in-season training creates a professional and elite product that players will enjoy coming to.

Our pre-season training program is designed to provide your club with strong, fast and well-conditioned athletes that will last longer than their opposition. Injury lists are reduced, lost minutes due to niggles and overload problems are reduced and player attendance is increased.

The pre-season program can include any of the following elements, based upon the clubs requirement:

Pre-training protocols (injury prevention, movement prep)
Dynamic Warm-Up
Speed and running form
Change of direction and agility
Power development
Strength training
Conditioning (on-feet / off-feet)

With multiple facilities across Melbourne, ACE Performance can send out a Performance Coach to your training session, or alternatively the club can utilise our facility during selected times.

Our in-season training program develops upon the elements from the pre-season and continues to ensure that the squad will be fit and healthy. Training load is monitored weekly and appropriate regeneration sessions are completed.

These regeneration sessions are designed to help the players recover from games and prepare them for an upcoming week of training. Regeneration sessions can take place at local swimming pools, an ACE facility or at the first team training session of the week.

In-season strength sessions are maintained throughout the season as we understand the value of continual development and the benefit that resistance training will provide the players.


There are many different methods used to monitor the training load of athletes including GPS (global positioning satellite), RPE (rating of perceived exertion), wellness questionnaires and utilising a coaches intuition.

At ACE Performance we use all of the above and have developed specific drills and methods to assess an athlete’s readiness to train.

Each component of the training sessions is at heart, an opportunity to assess athlete’s movement plans. Jogging, warm-up, dynamic mobility, plyometrics and run throughs are used to detect improper and faulty mechanics. These are incorporated at the start of all training sessions and can help the performance coach select appropriate loads for the upcoming sessions.

ACE Performance also utilises state of the art athlete monitoring software that can provide a coach with all the information they need on a daily basis. Wellness questionnaires and RPE can be inputted by the athlete and if any of the results fall outside selected norms, our coaches will be informed.