Sabastian Wakim


Sport: Canoe Sprint & Marathon

Team: Australian Canoe Marathon World Championships Senior Team

Recent Accomplishment: Competed at the 2017 Canoe Marathon World Championships in South Africa, selected to represent at the 2018 Canoe Marathon World Championships in Portugal.

Future Goals: Selection to the 2020 Australian Olympic Team

Centre: Acceleration North Melbourne & AAMI Park

Coach: Tom Frost

Sabastian’s Comment: I’ve trained with Acceleration since 2016, and I can say it has truly changed the way I prepare both in and out of competition.

The personally tailored programs have not only compliment my annual training periodisation, but also target specific areas which had been identified through regular testing. Acceleration further introduced me to a range of new training systems that are now an integral part of both my on- and off-water training. In addition to ongoing development of sport specific strength and power,  Accelerations programme has substantially improved upon my general mobility, control and coordination, which had been further evidenced in training and racing performance throughout 2017 and 2018.

All the coaches that i have worked with at Acceleration have been highly qualified, extremely professional and knowledgeable. Through their various backgrounds and experiences they’ve not just been there to guide me through my weekly programme, but aim to educate and bring insight into every session.

My experience training at Acceleration has not just been about improving physical performance, but also about education and  mental/ cognitive preparation for me to consistently perform at my best!