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Athlete Spotlight-Josh Patturajan

Since starting his training in early April this year young gun tennis player Josh, has come leaps and bounds in his athletic development.

His initial testing results were – 3.58s on his 20m sprint, which is now down to 3.42s!

Josh has also improved his agility, his pro shuttle is down from 5.44s to 5.25s! Another massive improvement.

Along with a 4cm increase in his vertical jump height and a 1.2m PB for his overhead throw.

A credit to Josh himself for always getting in and putting in the work. Looking forward to Josh continuing to get better and maximise his enormous talent on the court.

Above are just a snippet of Josh’s initial testing 20m, snippets of what he has been doing in his training and finishes off with his current 20m sprint.

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