Monica Brennan

Sport: 200/400m Track and field athlete

Team: compete for Diamond Valley Athletics club

Greatest sporting achievements: Being apart of the 4x400m relay team in Rio 2016 olympics where we came 8th in the final

How Acceleration’s training methods have helped me: I came to acceleration Melbourne with a reoccurring hamstring injury which had prevented me from competing for the past 2 years. Within 6 weeks of starting training with Brett from Acceleration Melbourne I was back sprinting on the track and since then have been able to dramatically improve my acceleration technique as well as my sprinting technique which has allowed me to remain injury free for the past 6 months.

Who I would recommend Acceleration to: Any athlete that is struggling with a reoccurring injury, as this is a good indicator that it is a muscle imbalance or technical error that is the cause of your injury. The team of experts at Acceleration Melbourne will be able to pinpoint what is causing it and then write you a individualized strength program that will correct the issues and have you competing injury free and stronger than ever!

Additional Comments:

All of the staff are super professional to work with and have are super knowledgeable about strength and conditioning for a wide variety of sports.