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elite Performance program

one on one

what is elite?

Do you need specific help, attention and mentoring from our leading performance coaches?

Are you looking for the most effective training program for your goals? 

The Elite program offers what most professional sporting organisations can not... Your own Head performance coach!

The purpose of the Elite performance program is to maximise the potential of every athlete through a comprehensive, individually designed, coached and mentored athlete development program.

This program has seen the greatest improvement in athletic development and is geared to take your game to the next level. 

We achieve this by providing a professional one on one training model, that is quite specific and tailored to your goals.

The training program is located at one of our many athletic training facilities and utilise that latest in sport science technology and equipment. 

Session training times vary depending on your goals and can also include online coaching as well.

If you need to achieve results quickly and efficiently, than this is the program for you. 

The head performance coaching team are degree qualified, specialist performance coaches who have had 'Real' experience coaching athletes across all levels including  professional and olympic level. 

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ACE Youth performance training
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