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Youth Basketball Team

youth Performance program

Youth high performance program

Does your child need to jump higher, sprint faster, increase agility, build strength or become more powerful for their sport? 


As a parent you would like to build a life around sport? Teach your children the benefits of proper, science backed training that will see them have a long and successful career in sport, health and fitness? 

This is the program for your child!

The purpose of the high performance program is to maximise the potential of every youth-athlete through a comprehensive program that develops all of the vital components necessary in achieving athletic excellence. 

Achieving a new benchmark in performance, while keeping  our youth injury free and performing at their peak. 

We achieve this by providing a professional and fun environment for athletes to learn and improve.

We aim to consistently produce results for our youth. To develop high quality, well educated athletes. To build confidence, self esteem and a positive self image. To safely develop all youth to achieve individual and or team success.

We accomplish these results by providing  a science backed training methodology that has been developed over 20 years working with thousands of athletes from your local sports enthusiast, youth through to professional and olympic athletes. 

The youth program is hosted at all of our facilities, every day and sessions typically go for around 45 minutes to an hour. 

Each child will go through a comprehensive athlete testing, injury risk assessment, functional movement screen to identify their strengths and weaknesses. From here, we will carefully plan their development program across all key areas of development.

The program covers the following training components:

  • Injury prevention

  • Mobility 

  • Dynamic Warm-up

  • Speed and agility development 

  • Steering Development - Balance, proprioception, coordinations stability and control. 

  • Strength and power development - Only when the athlete has mastered the fundamentals and has demonstrated competency. 

  • Recovery protocols and more...

This is all a part of our hugely successful LTAD strategy (Long term athlete development). Which will ensure that young aspiring athletes are not moving too quickly through vital areas of development. It is important for our youth to learn the right way to train and to develop a great foundation for years to come, be it in sport or a healthy life outside of sport. 

Costs for this program will vary depending on what training option you choose. We provide one off sessions from $20 through to unlimited training packages at $60 per week. 


Long Term Athlete Development Strategy



Alex Morgan was our very first athlete drafted in to the AFL by the Essendon FC. Alex came to us only 6 weeks out from The AFL Draft combine with recurring hamstring injuries (3 that year). Unable to run, yet alone sprint, Alex trained hard with the team and managed to get in shape for the combine. Not only did he get in shape, but Alex also won the 20m sprint and placed second in the AFL agility test!

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