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basketball sports performance training program

RISE ABOVE the rest

Are you lacking hops?

Are you getting stood up in defence?

Are you 'lacking time' in decision making?

The ACE Model was bred from the game of basketball 20+years ago, when it was realised that the gains made by applying sport science measures to the athletes training program were significant.

Years on, and many refinements along the way, our coaches have continued to be at the forefront of developing strong, robust and explosive ballers world wide. Having been involved with professional teams, State and national representatives through to your aspiring youth basketball, we have helped hundreds of athletes achieve success on and off the court!

The Basketball High Performance Program 

This program is not a program you will see at your local gym, F45 or cross fit centre... This program is coached by ex-professional, degree qualified, strength and conditioning/performance coaches. This program has been proven to bridge 'The gap' on training services only ever seen and used in elite sport.

This program will start you off with a comprehensive Athlete Performance Testing and Assessment session. Here, we will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and deliver some valuable feedback on how we intend to program, coach and deliver results. 

The program has three components:

1. Speed and agility Development program

2. Strength and Power Development Program 

3. Conditioning Program

Sessions run for 45 minutes per program. 

Costs vary from $20 - $100 per week depending on what training options you choose.

These programs are all individually designed for you and coached at one of our athlete gyms through out Australia. 

These program utilise the latest in sports science technology, equipment and training methodologies to give you a challenging and rewarding training environment for you to showcase and improve your results!

Take your game to the next level with ACE today!

If you're ready to get above the ring, to have your opponent on the back foot, and to remain injury free, click below and see how the ACE model can benefit YOU!

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