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The 6 week
slug to speed demon challenge

For striving athletes, fighting for a sporting breakthrough.

Get fast,
Get explosive,
and take your ATHLETICISM to a whole new level!

Step by step programs to achieve athletic success...

It's in your hands
Still not convinced?

Here's what is Included:
✅   6 weeks of in depth speed and power coaching so that you can take positive steps towards achieving your athletic dreams.

✅   Video analysis with a degree qualified performance coach to calm your nerve, and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in relation to movement.

Access to 'The 5 Best Power Exercises for Explosive Speed’ Program  so that you are maximizing your power output, hand in hand with your sport specific speed!

Access to our tribe of athletes and coaches so that you are continuously driven to apply yourself, in order  to achieve your athletic dreams.

Your own program, on a purpose built app, in your hand, to make you faster and more powerful, anytime, anywhere!

Not ready to commit to the challenge?

No worries, there's a heap of other content in the app


20+ years of athletic speed development, in your hands

Don't sign up to this if you are just wanting to 'get a program'...

The Slug to Speed Demon Challenge will hand over our coaching playbook that we have developed over 20+ years of training all levels of athletes.

You will go on a journey of development that has been purpose built for you to take ownership. 

This is not a cookie cutter program that will be handed to you. You will be expected to self analyse, to strategically plan, and to execute. 

You will be held accountable by yourself, and the tribe of other athletes within our community who are on the same journey.

Only click below if this sounds like you...

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Self analysis

This is the key to the RESULTS that you will get from this program. 

We have created the system for self analysis which allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your sprint technique.

You will video yourself, and analyse yourself against 'good' and 'bad' examples of key components of your sprint.

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